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Aim For The Cloud Roundtable by iSolutions, in partnership with Google Cloud.

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News Provided by :iSolutions
March 24 ,2022

Doha,Qatar. March 24, 2022. iSolutions, organized an event titled “CIO Roundtable: Modernize your IT Infrastructure”, held to discuss how Google Cloud and iSolutions partner to complement infrastructure modernization
across businesses and help them digitally transform in Qatar.

General Manager, Google Cloud, Ghassan Kosta, discussed Google Cloud’s global differentiators in the Cloud industry, and the distinctive suite of innovative solutions it offers businesses to digitally transform in Qatar. Ghassan added: “ We strive in Qatar to help companies transform through collaborating with renowned partners like iSolutions. Businesses can run their critical workloads, enhance their efficiency and overcome business challenges through cloud option, running on a reliable, secure and the cleanest cloud in the industry.

“From reducing queue times for large batches workloads, greater user and customer satisfaction with improved app performance and many more, iSolutions helps companies focus on business while leveraging the technology provided” said Ali Sweidan, iSolutions, Senior GCP Cloud Engineer who led the technical side of the discussion and went on talking about how iSolutions can help with modernization through framework engagement, support services, assessments etc.

“We aim to make the world a better place, by being close to our customers, and providing them with 24/7 support. We have a firm belief in having a long, lasting, strong relationship with our clients“, said Ahmed Eid, iSolutions, CEO. “We are transforming the workplace and we will do our best to be part of every business’s digital transformation journey!”

About iSolutions:

iSolutions is a pioneer information technology company that specializes in providing high-end, innovative technology solutions. iSolutions has secured a high-key presence in the MENA region, while simultaneously possessing international scope. iSolutions has a firm belief in having a lasting, strong relationship with its clients, as we do not restrict ourselves geographically, but strongly believe in digitizing the whole world.

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